Experience SBC Summit Barcelona digitally 🇪🇸

We understand that not everyone can attend in person, which is why SBC Summit Barcelona is also available online – and for free!

Hi there,

We’re excited to host SBC Summit Barcelona next week, the biggest in-person event since February 2020. If you are unable to attend in person, we recommend you take advantage online event platform and attend digitally.

The online event platform is free to access and will allow you to:

  • Find other attendees of SBC Summit Barcelona so you can reach out and book meetings in advance (PLEASE NOTE – due to GDPR in-person delegates have to opt-in specifically to be visible and contactable on the digital App, so not all attendees will be on there).
  • Get notified by e-mail if you receive messages in the app from other attendees looking to connect at the event
  • Our easy-to-navigate platform makes it simple to search and find people, companies, sponsors and exhibitors.
  • Quick access to the event agenda to help set up and manage your personal event plan
  • Access to watch live-streamed sessions as well as on-demand sessions post-event – in case you missed any

Register now for the event app with our 1-click registration, by simply clicking here or on the button below.


Please note: By clicking any of the 1-click registration links you agree to SBC’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Sports Betting Community Ltd, Riverbank House, 1 Putney Bridge Approach, Putney, London SW6 3JD, United Kingdom

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