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14787847_web1_COVID-resolution-all.jpg Nye County passes COVID resolution requesting lifting of pandemic restrictions
After making a multitude of changes to ensure the document would pass legal muster, the Nye County Commission unanimously approved a resolution emphasizing the struggles impacting its citizens in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and requesting that Gov. Steve Sisolak remove his emergency mandates to allow all businesses to operate normally once more.

Pahrump man arrested after shooting
An argument over a set of keys led to the shooting of a Pahrump female Wednesday, Feb. 3, where deputies were initially dispatched for a report of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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BLM crucial to protection of conservation areas

Deputy injured during pursuit
A Nye County Sheriff’s Office deputy sustained minor injuries after his marked patrol vehicle was struck by a fleeing man allegedly driving a stolen vehicle at the end of January.

Tom Rysinski: To play or not to play, that is the question
Decision day is less than a week away, as it is believed Gov. Steve Sisolak will revisit football’s place on the no-play list when the statewide “pause” ends Feb. 14.

Housing assistance program gets additional $124 million
The Nevada Housing Division has received approximately $124 million to provide additional temporary rental and housing expense assistance through the CARES Housing Assistance Program.

VICTOR JOECKS: Distance learning failed. Schools must hold students back to keep them from falling further behind.
The academic devastation caused by a year of online learning can’t be repaired by summer school or tutoring. Students who failed to learn should repeat the grade they were just in.

Sportsbooks surprised how Bucs dominated Mahomes in Super Bowl
Perhaps more improbable than Tom Brady leaving New England after 20 years and leading Tampa Bay to a Super Bowl title in his first season there was the manner in which the Buccaneers beat the Chiefs.

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