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KFNyrBxW-1920.jpg Victor Joecks: Gun debate shows what government can’t do
New gun laws from Carson City are going to make life harder for the wrong people.

Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times
The story of a cat named Norman

Divas on a Dime: Making the most of asparagus in season
What’s my favorite thing about spring? All the spring veggies, from artichoke to zucchini. But the ultimate luxury must be asparagus. It’s in peak season and often on sale. Sing it with me! This is the dawning of the age of asparagus! Age of asparagus! Asparaguuuus!!!

Charity golf tournament gives back to Pahrump community
The Nevada Silver Tappers and Ms. Senior Golden Years USA organizations are well-known in Pahrump for their many events and their participation in countless others, as well as their dedication to giving back to the community.

Pahrump Fire and Rescue emergency calls
Northbound motorists traveling along Highway 160, looking to turn west on Basin Avenue were at a complete standstill after a driver who was first at the intersection suffered a medical condition on Monday afternoon April 1.

Lee Canyon ski resort extending winter season
Lee Canyon is extending its winter season an extra week due to high snowfall.

HOPE Run in Pahrump invigorates and raises cash
The NyE Communities Coalition’s HOPE Run/Walk saw its beginning more than a decade ago and in the intervening years, the event has continually grown and is now a regular tradition in the Pahrump Valley.

Pahrump rural telephone books arrive in town
There’s a brand new book hot off the presses, and you may personally know some of the characters printed within.

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