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11891594_web1_SECONDARY_PRIMM_LOTTO-JAN06-17_01052017_RB_008.jpg California Lottery
No one matched all five numbers and the mega number in the Saturday, March 9 drawing of the California Super Lotto. The next jackpot will be at least $26 million.

New Starbucks set to debut in Pahrump
A stand-alone Starbucks coffeeshop is about to open in the Pahrump area—offering locals and tourists a new drive-thru option for coffee drinkers.

Seminar on starting new business Saturday
Those who are considering starting up a new business may want to set aside some time on Saturday, March 16, for a special seminar sponsored by the Pahrump Chamber of Commerce.

Business owners show optimism
Hispanic small business owners are confident about their 2019 business outlook, with strong majorities planning for increased revenue, growth and expansion – eclipsing their non-Hispanic counterparts by double-digits on all indicators, Bank of America announced.

IRS issues a deadline reminder
The Internal Revenue Service is reminding taxpayers that, in most cases, Monday, April 1 is the date by which persons who turned age 70½ during 2018 must begin receiving payments from Individual Retirement Accounts and workplace retirement plans.

Pahrump high school employee suspected of luring students arrested
A Pahrump high school employee accused of requesting nude pictures and sex from students was arrested in Texas while attempting to cross into Mexico, police said Thursday afternoon.

VEA members fill conference center
The newly named interim chief executive of Valley Electric Association Inc., Richard Peck, spoke to a packed room at the co-op’s conference center last week, laying out his agenda to turn the organization around, admitting that tactical errors were made in the past.

Pahrump Veterans Extravaganza sees enormous success
It was a busy and bustling day for many in the Pahrump community during the 3rd Annual Veterans Extravaganza, an event geared toward providing an all-encompassing information outlet for former U.S. military service members.

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