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11580762_web1_RUBYCUP01.jpg Lee Canyon hosting Ruby Cup to aid Nevada Donor Network
The fourth annual Ruby Cup benefiting Nevada Donor Network, open to skiers and snowboarders of all ages and ability levels, will be held Jan. 12 at Lee Canyon.

Robert Uithoven explains what happened to Nevada Republicans
Record Democrat turnout doomed Nevada Republican candidates in last month’s election. That turnout was driven, in part, by the left’s dislike for President Donald Trump.

Election 2020: Smelling Dumpster fires already
American politicians can’t seem to make themselves wait until 2019 to start acting like it’s 2020.

Nevada gaming win up from surge in baccarat winnings for November
The win advanced to $967 million compared with $909 million in the same month last year, when the impact of the Oct. 1 shooting was being felt, the state’s Gaming Control Board said Wednesday.

Nevada Governor-elect Steve Sisolak gets married
Nevada Gov.-elect Steve Sisolak married Kathy Ong on Friday at a Las Vegas church, according to a statement.

Navy details Nevada expansion to Nye residents
Mineral and Nye County residents met in Hawthorne to discuss the Fallon Range Training Complex Modernization Environmental Impact Statement.

Select Death Valley facilities reopen thanks to donation
Thanks to a donation made by the Death Valley Natural History Association, the Furnace Creek Visitor Center reopened to the public on December 30, 2018, despite the partial federal government shutdown, now in its second week.

Strickland gearing up for Nye County Commission post
The calendar has turned from 2018 to 2019 and with the new year comes a new set of faces on the Nye County Commission, including that of Debra Strickland, representative of Nye County District 5.

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